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Discover how LMC Law, PLLC revamped its online presence to prioritize user experience and showcase its comprehensive range of services.

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The Firm

LMC Law, PLLC, stands out as a leading provider of legal services in Vermont, with two convenient locations. Specializing in real estate, probate, wills and trusts, and business law, the firm offers expertise and personalized solutions to empower clients to make informed decisions and achieve their legal objectives. Their commitment to client-centric service ensures that each client receives the attention and support they deserve throughout their legal journey.


Outdated Website: The existing website lacked modern design elements and user-friendly navigation.








Limited Information: Important details about the firm's services, lawyers, and locations were not adequately showcased.

Accessibility: The website did not offer convenient options for users to contact the firm or request legal assistance.

Phase One 


LMC Law, PLLC, a prominent law firm based in Vermont, sought to enhance its online presence by revamping its outdated website. With a focus on improving user experience and providing comprehensive information about the firm's services, the project aimed to modernize the website and better showcase the firm's offerings.

The primary emphasis in designing the sitemap and UX was on enhancing usability and facilitating navigation through the website. The goal was to ensure that visitors could easily explore the services offered, learn about the attornies, and engage with key features, such as submitting inquiries.


The overarching objective was to effectively communicate the firm's premium legal services and highlight the benefits of working with LMC Law.

Wireframe of LMC Law's website

Phase Two 


LMC Law's former website lacked consistency with its brand, featuring predominantly white backgrounds and inconsistent styles across web pages. Accessibility issues arose from contrasting images and font overlays.

Brand colors were infused into the site in the redesign for a consistent branded feel. Motion design was incorporated for an engaging platform where visitors can seamlessly explore the firm and its services, ensuring an informative and visually appealing user experience.

LMC Law's banner of lawyers and contact information

Phase Three 

Results & Metrics

The newly modernized online platform for LMC Law boasts a sleek design and intuitive navigation, ensuring a seamless user experience. With a comprehensive homepage showcasing their diverse services and office locations, visitors can explore further the dedicated service pages for detailed insights into how LMC Law can address various legal needs. Additionally, the integrated contact form offers a convenient way to reach out to an attorney for personalized assistance, promising swift responses to inquiries. Designed with a focus on usability and engaging visual interactions, the website has seen an impressive 30% surge in traffic within three months.

Homepage of LMC Law displayed on a mobile device
LMC Law's homepage on a floating computer monitor
Contact page on a mobile device of LMC Law
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