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NOMAD Art Studio painted bus

NOMAD Art Studio

Agency: Ad2 Tampa Bay
Team: Public Service
Role: Branding Stratgiest
Category: Branding, Design

Taking art on the road

NOMAD Art Studio is a nonprofit that provides free, high-quality artistic opportunities to people in underserved communities. With four programs, NOMAD empowers individuals of all ages and backgrounds to express themselves and explore the world in new and exciting ways.

However, research has shown that while many know about the iconic art bus, they are unaware of NOMAD's full range of programs and services. NOMAD expressed the original “bus-heavy” branding and original “NOMAD Art Bus” name overshadowed their other programs.
NOMAD branding on desktop and mobile


Visual Updates

NOMAD Art Studio needed a visual identity rebrand to better align its brand identity with its evolving values and target audience. NOMAD expressed their previous branding felt outdated and not relevant to their desired image.

By incorporating elements of their roots to the art bus and creating a more youthful, positive, and playful visual identity, NOMAD can better connect with their audience while maintaining a high level of professionalism.


Primary typeface for headlines and block quotes


Primary typeface for body copy and labels


Social Media

As a nonprofit organization that relies heavily on community support, NOMAD Art Studio recognized the importance of maintaining an active and engaging presence on social media to better connect with its audience and increase awareness about its programs and services.

NOMAD's updated social media strategy not only provided a fresh and cohesive look, but it also included engaging and informative content that matched the new branding. The organization utilized eye-catching graphics, colorful images, and creative captions that highlighted their four programs and many events.

NOMAD instagram carousel coming out of phone screen


Broadcast Radio

The radio spot provided by iHeart Radio Tampa was a 15-second advertisement that aired across six stations and generated over 1M impressions. The donated space from Hot 101.5 earned approximately 50K impressions on one local Tampa Bay station.

The impact of these advertisements was significant, highlighting the efficacy of radio advertising in reaching a diverse and sizable audience.

iHeart Radio Logo
Hot 101.5 Logo
Screens coming out of a computer showing NOMAD's website
Tilted computer monitor displaying NOMAD website


Website Audit

We preformed a complete web audit for NOMAD Art Studio, which involved identifying and updating broken links, correcting formatting, grammar and syntax errors, and updating imagery to ensure it aligned with the new
branding guidelines.

Our team worked diligently to address these issues and optimize the website's functionality. We collaborated with NOMAD Art Studio to provide solutions to these problems and enhance the website's design and functionality, ensuring it adhered to the latest web design best practices.







Campaign Results

1st place laurel wreath
ad 2 national logo

National Recognition

A Word from the Client

"The Ad2 team came in at just the right time for our organization while we were reevaluating our programs and who we are in the world. It was time for a refresh of all of our branding and they came in and did so much more than that. We're so incredibly happy and grateful to have worked with them."

- Carrie Boucher, Founder

Carrie Boucher wearing an art smock
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