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Patagonia Industry Report

Class: Communication Research Methods
Professor: Dr. Lina Gomez-Vasquez
Software: Illustrator
Category: Design, Research
Assignment Brief
Select a company or organization and complete a comprehensive Industry Report consisting of five parts. The first part is conducting secondary research using at least five external sources. The second part involves performing mystery shopping at the chosen location. The third part consists of analyzing media trends, which includes conducting web analytics on keywords, performing a web audit of content and images, and analyzing social media analytics and content strategy. Finally, provide summary insights and recommendations based on your findings.
Patagonia Industry Report in a magazine mock up
Research Process
Patagonia Research Process
Patagonia Industry Report Mockup Spread
Summary Insights & Reflections
1. Marketing
To optimize market penetration and capitalize on lucrative opportunities, Patagonia should strategically intensify its marketing efforts across key regions, specifically targeting New England, the Midwest, and the East Coast. These regions are characterized by affluent demographics and proximity to outdoor recreational activities such as mountain climbing, surfing, and hiking, making them highly promising markets for Patagonia's premium offerings. By focusing on urban and suburban areas within these regions, Patagonia can effectively tap into the substantial purchasing power of these markets and establish a formidable brand presence.
2. Optimized
Social Media
To achieve optimal marketing outcomes, Patagonia should leverage its own media channels, which currently currently has a follower base in the millions. By adopting a contemporary approach reminiscent of popular TikTok accounts, Patagonia can actively engage with its audience through authentic interactions, thereby cultivating a strong sense of brand loyalty and resonance. Engaging with comments and content on other prominent brands' social media accounts will not only increase Patagonia's brand exposure but also enhance brand recall. By participating in conversations and discussions within relevant communities, Patagonia can effectively amplify its brand visibility, creating a ripple effect that encourages users to click on the Patagonia account.
3. Enhanced
Through an elevated marketing presence coupled with increased interaction with followers, Patagonia can significantly enhance its overall engagement across various social media platforms. Despite currently enjoying a substantial following, Patagonia's content is not generating the desired level of audience interaction. By adopting a more proactive and dynamic social media approach, the brand can address this existing challenge and overcome its current weakness. By fostering a more vibrant social presence, Patagonia will encourage its followers to actively engage with the brand's content, resulting in higher levels of participation, comments, shares, and overall brand involvement.
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