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Professional Portfolio

Software: Figma
Category: UX UI
Assignment Brief
As a UX/UI designer aiming to break into the tech industry, I faced three main challenges while creating my portfolio:

1. Limited Professional Experience: Demonstrating relevance without extensive professional background.

2. Showcasing a Diverse Skill Set: Presenting proficiency in multiple UX/UI design areas.

3. Articulating Design Decisions: Communicating choices effectively, emphasizing user-centricity.

Additionally, I aimed to differentiate myself from the competition by creating unique design solutions and developing a strong personal brand throughout my portfolio.
Screenshot 2023-07-03 at 2.11.29 PM.jpeg
Sketches & Conceptualization 
I set out to create a user experience that felt modern and intuitive, reflecting my design approach and showcasing my skills in UX/UI. By finding the right balance between aesthetics and usability, I aimed to craft an inviting and user-friendly interface that would engage and delight users.
Case Study Paper Wireframe
Case Study Paper Wireframe
Figma Prototype
After finalizing the wireframe, I brought the design to life with a high-fidelity prototype in Figma. This interactive prototype allowed me to validate the functionality and aesthetics of the design, ensuring a seamless user experience. Explore the embedded Figma file below to interact with the prototype and witness how the design translates into a cohesive and visually appealing interface.
digital-device-mockup_53876-90969 Background Removed.png
Screenshot 2023-07-01 at 12.04.29 AM.png
Zoom In: Press the plus (+) key
Zoom Out: Press the minus (-) key

Move the View: Hold down the space bar and drag the mouse cursor in the desired direction.

View the full interactive file here: Nicolas Desranleau_Figma 
Website Development
During the website development phase, I transformed my Figma design prototype into a fully functional and responsive website. With attention to detail and customization, I ensured a seamless user experience across desktop and mobile devices. The development process involved refining the visual design, implementing interactive features, and integrating various elements to create a polished and professional online presence. 
User Journey Map
As the user on this journey, you could fall into one of the following categories: a potential employer in the tech industry, a fellow industry peer such as a UX/UI designer, or a colleague/classmate in the design or tech field. Your motivations may differ, ranging from evaluating my skills for potential job opportunities to seeking inspiration or wanting to learn from my design approach. Regardless of your specific demographic, the common goal is to explore my portfolio, gain insights into my design process, and engage with my work.
Journey Map.png
Reflection & Takeaways
Throughout the process of creating this portfolio, I embarked on a transformative journey as a UX/UI designer. From the initial ideation to the final implementation, every step presented its own set of challenges and learning opportunities. This project demanded not only technical skills but also creativity, adaptability, and a deep understanding of user needs.

Sketching and conceptualization played a pivotal role in shaping the direction of the portfolio. Through iterations and feedback, I refined my ideas, considering factors like usability, information hierarchy, and visual aesthetics. This phase taught me the value of embracing feedback and incorporating it into the design process, ultimately leading to more refined and effective solutions.

The transition from sketches to a high-fidelity prototype in Figma was a critical step that brought the design to life. It enabled me to validate the functionality and flow of the portfolio, ensuring a seamless and engaging user experience. It was during this stage that I realized the significance of attention to detail and the impact it has on the overall perception of a design.

A heartfelt thank you to Deirdre Powell, George Pettigrew, and Carla Tolosa for their outstanding feedback and generous sharing of learning resources, which played a crucial role in enhancing this project. Their support has been truly invaluable in shaping the success of my personal portfolio.

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