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Class: Branding & Packaging
Professor: Sam Modder
Category: Branding & Design
Software: Illustrator, Dimensions,
Assignment Brief
For this assignment I was tasked with creating a label for a triangular NyQuil-shaped bottle. After careful consideration, I decided to transform the bottle into an electrolyte drink container, as electrolyte drinks often come in non-cylinder containers. This decision was based on market research and the anticipated appeal of a flavorful and hydrating beverage to the target audience. Using the Adobe Suite, I developed visually appealing label design that conveys the electrolyte drink's benefits and complies with regulatory nutritional and product labeling requirements. The project aimed to deliver a label design for a new electrolyte drink option in the market.
Velle Logo icon


All three Velle bottle flavors
Design Process
The design process for this project involved researching and planning the cover and layout design, sketching and conceptualizing the design elements, refining and iterating on the design, finalizing the design, and reviewing it to ensure it met the project's specifications and requirements.
Velle Design Process steps
Design Assets
Velle Logo ICON
The logo design features three overlapping raindrop-shaped icons, representing the core essence of the electrolyte drink. Each raindrop symbolizes a specific element that the drink offers: Hydration, Replenishment, and Refreshment. The overlapping nature of the icons signifies the harmonious combination and synergy of these elements within the drink.
Derived from the Latin meaning "to be willing," the name VELLE embodies intention, desire, and proactiveness, symbolizing the consumer's aspiration to prioritize hydration and well-being.
Velle Logo Text
Mandatory Product Labeling
Velle Blue Melon Front Angle
Velle Contents-01.png
Velle Contents-01.png
Velle Blue Melon Side Angle
Velle Blue Melon Back Angle
Velle Content 2.png
Velle Content 2.png
Velle Content 2.png
VEEL seaweed icon
VEEL seaweed icon
Velle, the electrolyte hydration drink, goes beyond being a simple beverage. It represents a commitment to redefining refreshment and well-being. Meticulously researched and thoughtfully designed, Velle's captivating brand transcends expectations. From its logo, which embodies hydration, replenishment, and refreshment, to the deliberate choice of the name Velle, evoking intention and desire, every element tells a story of vitality and energy. Velle stands as a testament to the transformative power of design in capturing consumers' imagination and enhancing their experience in the world of hydration and wellness.
VEEL seaweed icon
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