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Simplifying the mid-length rental process by connecting real estate agents, rental clients, and property owners on one platform

The Challenge

Wayhome serves as a vital connection between real estate agents, rental clients, and property owners, streamlining the process of finding mid to long-term rentals. Whether the move is local or across states, Wayhome's mission is to ease homeownership transitions by providing comfortable accommodations during the critical interim period. Agents play a key role in ensuring smooth move-ins, contributing significantly to a stress-free process.


1. Create an enhanced agent-partner dashboard expereince 

2. Design a client progression tracking feature

3. Build a reminder-driven Agent Partner messaging feature


UX UI Designer

UX Researcher


4 Months


Nicolas Desranleau

Madison Payne

Luke Kemper

Competitor Analysis 

Furnished Finder Logo
  • Renter and property owner messaging

  • Lists closest facilities to property 

  • Profile of property owner 

Housing Anywhere Logo
  • Renter and property owner messaging

  • Property owners  dashboard 

  • 3D view of the property listing 

Airbnb Logo
  • Renter and property owner messaging

  • Breakdown of all costs and fees 

  • Intuitive property layout 

Flow Map

Wayhome flowmap process of an agent


Computer and phone showing the Wayhome agent dashboard

Modernized Dashboard

The new dashboard streamlines agent partners' client management, providing an instant overview of clients'
stages and easy access to individual client files.


This optimizes agent productivity by offering a centralized
hub for managing and tracking client interactions.

To enhance agents partner's professional representation,
a dedicated left-side panel allows effortless editing of their information, providing a real-time preview of how their information is presented across all Wayhome communications.

Events Timeline

The events page offers a chronological view of the client's stay timelines, providing suggested meaningful messages for agent partners to send during key moments of their client's stay.
This builds strong relationships and aids in client retention for future homeowner transactions, facilitating proactive client engagement and building long-term relationships.

Agent partners can access and review previous property listings they have sent to their clients.

Laptop and computer showing Wayhome events timeline
Wayhome Agent Listing displayed on a tablet and phone

Review Listings

The listing tab is the designated space where agent partners review and preview listings before sending them to their clients, ensuring quality control and suitability of each listing for the client's needs.


Following the dispatch of a listing, the agent partner can effortlessly access and review the most recent sent listing, maintaining continuous awareness and facilitating informed decision-making.

Computer and phone showing Wayhome Prefrence Stay Management

Stay Preferences Management

The stay preferences tab enables agent partners to view and update
clients' rental stay preferences, guiding Wayhome specialists in curating listings tailored to clients' preferences for the agent's review.


This streamlines the process of matching clients with suitable listings, ensuring a personalized and efficient experience for both agents and clients.

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